What will happen?

When you call the crisis hotline, a professional will assess what steps should be taken next based on your specific needs.

The professional will support you through these steps, if your needs are immediate they will dispatch emergency personnel to come help you stay safe.


If there a cost for emergency help when I’m in a crisis?

There is no cost for calling the hotline and participating in an evaluation with the mental health provider that is employed by the Center for Mental Health.

There are costs associated with an ER visit, medical clearance and hospitalization if it is determined that is what you need to stay safe. These are paid for by most insurance plans, please don’t let potential costs effect you asking for help.

Will this be confidential?

Generally yes, however during a crisis especially one in need of immediate intervention, privacy rights may be waived by the therapist that is evaluating you. The clinician will do this only as needed in order to keep you safe.

The professional evaluating you may deem it necessary to share or obtain information about you in order to coordinate with Doctors or family members. This is done with sensitivity and in an effort to keep you safe. Once the crisis is over and it has been determined that you are no longer a threat to yourself, your confidentiality is reinstated and details the situation can no longer be discussed by the practitioners involved.

Am I going to get in trouble?

No! There is nothing criminal about using this service or asking for help.

Law enforcement may be asked to assist in keeping you safe but you are not in trouble. There are laws in place that protect you from prosecution when you are asking for help or reporting a friend or family member who might be in need.

What happens if I report a friend?

When you report a friend, you potentially save their life! You can report anonymously if needed and there is no obligation for you to get involved.

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Who should I contact if this is about a friend?

Colorado Crisis Services Hotline at 1-844-493-TALK, or 911.